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     Come join the HOTTEST Spin Class in Mansfield 

We are closed and will be moving to a new location soon!

Lose weight, lower risk of heart disease,have fun

At Cyclone Indoor Cycling Experience, we help you work hard to reach your goals. Our experienced professionals will be your personal coach, motivating and pushing you to the limit so you can achieve what you’ve never realized before.

 More that just a spin class: Benefits of Cyclone Indoor Cycling  

Burns up to 1200 calories per class

Decrease body fat

Reduce high blood pressure

Increase overall strength and endurance

Improve Cholesterol

Tones muscles

Minimizes ware and tear on joints

Great workout of all ages 

 it's time to stop making excuses! 

At Cyclone we give you full body workouts all while having fun. 

Please remember to hydrate before and after your workout. Always add light stretching to all workouts, to prevent muscle soreness. 

 Sign up today 

If you’re looking to get fit and learn how to stay fit, then you’ve come to the right place! But it starts with sweat and ends with proper nutrition. Ready for change? If you’re ready to commit yourself and invest in your health, contact us.